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So, yes. I recently made something for Ludum Dare 32, and that thing is Elem3nts.

[Downloadable game] Elem3nts by Pix3M

The good:

  • I accomplished my goal of making a game which has significantly heavier emphasis on my background art. I required a simple-to-code game which allows me a significantly larger time budget for art.Elem3nts map by Pix3M
 Mission accomplished?
  • I pulled off a similar game jam from over two years ago in the same time, but with multiple tower modes, a functioning upgrade shop, a functioning tutorial, multiple waves, including one boss.
[Ludum Dare] One Bullet by Pix3M
Very similar game, from two years ago. Significantly less content.

The bad:

  • My only disapointment was the lack of content for the game design that benefits from having a solid variety of mobs and waves.
  • I expected the game programming to be finished in a matter of hours,
  • Some assets were, sadly rushed or were not even finished.
Annoyinglybig by Pix3M

WELL, let's hope nobody notices my shortcomings!

  • I wanted to make a roguelike hack n' slash which is a sequel to Robin Steele the Waifu Thief, but "Companion" did not make it as the theme for LD32.

The interesting:

Of course, being a pixel artist, I would naturally shoot for game jam games that have stronger emphasis on graphics and animation
  • See this rabbit? It's kind of obvious that Super Nintendo JRPG's are a considerable influence to the way that I draw.
  Bunny Big by Pix3M
Original monster design. Do not steal.
  • There is also nothing like cutting corners by making sort-of palette swaps but making changes to make it more than a lazy palette swap
Allbunnies by Pix3M

Don't just make a palette swap, make a superficial change and BAM! Completely new 100% monster!
  • Reaction faces when you hit these guys hard enough are also fun too.
Bunnyfaic by Pix3M
  • I've also worked my ass off learning how to draw trees better, which while I was pretty high on cannabis I made a realization of the sheer magnificence and sheer magnitude of the power of copy and paste as nature does with plants. This tree is basically everything I know about trees put into one sprite.
[Ludum Dare 32] Let me tell you a story by Pix3M
Seriously, you'll find the copy and paste all over if you look hard enough. This realization is a MASSIVE time saver.
  • Overall, my overall skills have been massively upgraded over the past month, and past year.
Pillar Big by Pix3M

That contrast, yo.

All in all

I worked, I improved, and I accomplished. I basically made the game at a quality I wanted to make. As for the Robin Steele game that I wanted to make, I decided that it will have to be a month-long project, to be tackled later, and not in a Ludum Dare.

So, I'm totally looking forward the next Ludum Dare!


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denOrelli Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
Lovely pixel art! And animations are smooth! I really like it!
TerramArmsXIII Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
do you make games? if so that is awesome. 
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