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lost in the forest by Nayshie

The deep reds here can easily catch a person's eye when they're skimming through their list of deviations through their watch list. The blacks also make the reds a lot more intense, making this deviation even better at catching attention. In the middle of all of those warm colors, you then have a lot of cold colors (esp from Trixie) which demands plenty of attention. IMO, great for making people curious to take a look.

The shading on Twilight, Trixie and her clothes though, seem to suggest a very strong blue light behind Trixie in a setting that is completely red. Not sure if that was intended though, but I would imagine changing the background to better show a blue light would put a little less emphasis on the characters.

The blurry quality of the background also puts a lot of emphasis on the characters, which is a good thing as I like to think of backgrounds as just something to help set the context to tell a little story with just one picture. What's kind of curious is the lightly colored outlines on the leaves which doesn't seem to exactly match the blurry quality. (Never seen leaves look like that either)

I am also wondering how this piece would benefit if the characters were positioned to be 1/3rds of the canvas width from the right. I copied this pic into an image editor, cropped to exactly what I described, and found that the composition gave a much stronger feeling that they are moving forward. Putting them closer to the center like what was done here makes them feel as if they're idling more than moving around, arguing amongst each other. Not sure which is closer to your intentions, but that might be a useful thought.

You also forgot to draw in a tree on the top right corner.

Another thing I noticed was that the eyelashes seem a bit uncanny to me. A quick look at my own eyebrows in a mirror got me to see why. My top eyelashes are not only longer, but my top eye is angled in a way to partially cover my eye. My eyelashes on the bottom are shorter and are not angled to cover my eye. I believe this is the reason why manga/anime artists as well as show-style ponies seem to exaggerate the top eyelashes far more than the bottom eyelashes, because that's what people are used to seeing.

I am also not sure if you're using references or drawing from memory, but Twilight's face is bugging me a bit as the shading makes her nose appear very slanted on her face. Whenever I try using a reference then give form to a pony's face, I usually move the nostril away from the tip of the nose to try to create a form that makes more sense for a 3/4ths perspective. I usually find that my pony face would look a lot less slanted. I also remember pony (faux) anatomy to have a lot more cheek under their eyes, but I guess it can't hurt to put a transparent layer of a pony with the same head perspective to see what seems off so you can instantly see what you got right and what you got wrong.

All in all, you're definitely on to something, but I feel that better execution of pony head proportions might benefit quite a bit. You got the bodies and spike's proportions mostly spot on to me though.
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Nayshie Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for critique, yes colors aren't my strong side, and I need to work on them.

Composition, yes actually even I don't know where are they going, all I thinking in that moment were their faces and emotions. I'm always thinking much more about idea, line action, then composition or style.

I know, that their faces aren't canon like, but I don't wanna make them look like canon. I tring to make my own style, but I still working on it.

Leaves... hmmm... I know they are strange, but I think they looks good on
bacground. They looks transparentlym that idea came to me suddenly, and it started from this [link]

Anyway I think that your critique were realy halpfull for me, thanks a lot.
Pix3M Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012   Digital Artist
I have a hunch that you only have so much wiggle room in figuring out your own style. Like I tried explaining why I for some reason find equally sized eyelashes to be uncanny, there are probably good and bad ways to coming up with your own pony style. IMO, whatever style you pick, every detail about it should be chosen for reason.

Show-style mares for example, went with large eyes, round skull, and small nose as that's the basic gist of what people find to be cute. There's a reason why teddy bears don't look like real bears. In general, they've been heavily styled to no longer resemble the original animal because girls seem to be less interested in horses, or so I've heard. If MLP tried going for G1 style I'm sure it would fail miserably and would never have had the large fan base it does today.

Looking at your art direction, it does seem best to go with a pony style that has actual three-dimensionality. Not many artists get to figuring something out because show-style ponies have no such three-dimensionality. I think the closest you'll get to finding examples to follow are whatever pics of custom figurines you can find around the internet. Making truly 3d ponies that don't look odd is a tough challenge. I tried going that route but I'm giving up as my medium of pixels isn't very practical for shading round things at larger scales.

But, it's probably easier to heavily base your style off of another artist as you can just look at other works and decide what works and what doesn't. I like this style, personally: [link]
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