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Celestia and Philomena by PurpleLemons

Hmmm... a rather centered composition, but it seems to work out as Philomena's basically making a circular shape that seems to make these sorts of compositions work out.

Your coloring job seems pretty spot on, but I feel as though there's something missing here. I am not sure what's happening here. Like some of my past pieces, it seems like one of those 'hey, let's just draw couple of figures and hope something happens' sort of pieces. I once read about the best part of compositions with multiple characters being mostly about making us stop and figure out the relationships between the characters. It's pretty ambiguous to what's happening here. I can't figure anything out putting aside what I know for certain from watching the show.

I wonder if we could have a more interesting piece if we made Celestia's eye more visible, and give it a really vibrant purple color to attract attention? I particularly like coloring some of my pieces in a fashion to make the eyes stand out a lot. I personally don't see that much merit in making her eye squint and almost covering it up.

This piece is mostly warm with all the cool colors being found in the mane and tail. Those end up being more attention-grabby but I feel that her expression deserves some attention too.

As for Celestia's face, I can see a bit of the top plane of her nose that's shaded, but it seems to taper off into the tip of the nose. What I end up not being able to make out is any sort of depth on the front end of her nose. Her nose ends up looking flat on its end =/

I also seem to be thinking the same for Philomena's head. It seems a bit flatter than other things here. Maybe if we draw in a beak and shade the lower beak, we could create a bit of depth.

Also, those are some kickass wings, but they're colored differently so they start to not appear to belong on the same character... a bit.

(And is Celestia missing a leg?)

Overall, it's a piece that probably had a bad start from not telling a story of sorts when the inclusion of two characters kind of make me want to expect this. What if... we changed this so it looks like they're flying over some villian from below by clearly giving Celestia a stern expression looking downwards? This will probably add something to this what will probably make a stronger impression for me, and maybe others.
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PurpleLemons Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student General Artist
Good golly thanks, I often don't get ANYTHING back from people I ask for help on. I actually had this piece planned before hand with a second one including Luna that I'm working on now. I was really thinking about how to represent the princesses and their jobs really, I often think of Celestia as power, so I was trying to make a powerful composition. I goofed when I started to think more of "How it will look printed" rather than the story in itself, my mistake.

I guess didn't plan enough. I'll definately use what your saying here and make my other pieces so much better, hope to get more crits from you. :)
Pix3M Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012   Digital Artist
Lol I hardly get any help either myself. Most of my drastic overnight improvements definitely did NOT come from dA.

If something that feels powerful is your goal, then I'm glad I hit the mark and made a suggestion that's pretty accurate to taht ^^;
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